Case Study: HR Improvement: Bayer Center

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Case Study: HR Improvement for a Faith-based Organization

The client needed a rational and up-to-date salary scale without triggering fear and resistance.  The Bayer Center delivered on both objectives!

The Client

This faith-based organization, providing largely residential-based services with a staff of approximately 100, found itself facing a problem that had been building up gradually over time.  Staff throughout the system had been hired at different pay rates and then had been given different percentages in their annual raises – meaning there was very little remaining connection between job descriptions and salaries.  Senior staff realized that this had the potential to create increasing problems not merely with morale, but also equity.  However, compensation adjustment is a sensitive matter.  Leadership realized it would be useful to have external compensation data and third party support to create logic for resolving the problem and implementing changes, and they approached the Bayer Center for help.

Our Work

The Bayer Center’s Executive Service Corps (ESC) program connects nonprofits to professionals with deep experience in human resources management.  The ESC consultant for this project not only researched and provided a report of salary ranges for comparable jobs in comparable institutions (with help from the Bayer Center’s annual Wage and Benefits Survey), he also created a plan and a timeline for phasing in the necessary changes. 

The Result

The organization’s project lead was nervous about the compensation study’s potential for generating conflict.  She reported, however, that the ESC consultant’s thoughtful listening immediately put everyone at ease, and there was very little resistance to the recommendations that ultimately emerged.  Delighted with the result, the same client immediately asked for a new contract with the same ESC consultant to overhaul their performance evaluation system, which was followed by work on board governance. She recently called the Bayer Center again indicating she was “trying to figure out some way to get that ESC consultant back!